Ok, I have made magazine pouches for almost every model of semi auto pistol for my customers out there. Sometimes with the bullets toward the front and sometimes toward the rear. On double pouches, often bullets to the right and bullets to the left for looks.

BUT, guess what, I was wrong. I normally use leather pouches but was going to get into some very wet situations so I ordered a pouch from Blue Line LLC. in dark earth kydex. They arrived with bullets to the front.

I called the maker and said they were wrong. At that point he proceeded to instruct me he had been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years and was trained to always have the bullets to the front. He said you are supposed to pull the magazine out of the mag pouch with the index finger of your right hand touching the bullet tip.

You rotate the grip of the semi auto to the left while pressing the magazine release button keeping the gun pointing at your target whether it is moving or not. Your index finger on the bullet tip finds the magazine well of the butt of the gun and you slap it in place.

Immediately your right thumb presses down on the slide release and you are almost right back on target.  This makes sense.

To make sure I sent out a “Friends and Kin” blast to folks I know handle guns daily including a DEA contact, several Texas Rangers, other law enforcement friends, and several of those pesky three letter government agencies.

Every one of them agreed with the practice above. The best response came in from Colonel Brian, currently an active U.S. Army Green Beret, and former Highway State Policeman. He states:

If you have more than one magazine, it is important to have them both face the same direction- front.

That way you can train using muscle repetition. I have seen some failed mag set ups in the past that had them facing opposite directions for “design” aesthetics that form an arrow “^” between them.

This is a cardinal sin for any serious gun fighter. Repetition of training and muscle memory kicks in during a gun fight. Any distraction to include a nano-second it takes to stop and think which direction my mags are facing can be life or death.”

Therefore we are now producing single and double magazine pouches with the bullets to the front.

As a side bar, I used to call them clips, but the former curator of the Buffalo Bill Cody museum and my personal friend Warren Newman has corrected me many times stating the correct term is “magazine” for the rectangular metal box that cartridges are in.”

We hope this has helped you and cleared up any misinformation. If you have any other interesting stories about this practice please share them with me. Oh, and by the way, we are ready to make your mag pouch also ~ Alan


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