July 27, 2009 Chisholm’s Trail Introduction, Cowboy holsters, Custom Leather Belts, Western Gun Holsters, Western Buckles

Howdy, and welcome friends new and old. Well, this is our first attempt to bring some new and exciting news about Chisholms Trail Old West Leather to you. We have been told that this message is what is called a BLOG. (BLOG – Who do you suppose thought up that handle.)

We Make & Provide Custom Western Holsters, Old West Belts, Historic Buckles and More

Anyway, we can write all about any new western holsters, gun belts, pant belts, new line of historic buckles that we are now making, any historical old west leather that we are now producing – all kinds of good stuff – and let you know about it in this BLOG (what a funny name for a written message). We dont need to put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it and get pony express to ride across county to deliver. It will all be here for you to look at whenever you want to read about any new products regarding our cowboy leather and goods.

Since we are also historians and have traveled extensively out west to old west museums and libraries to examine old west holsters and Western gun belts, if you have any questions when you are ordering from us, dont be shy we are here to help you make your selections. Advice is free so if you have a Colt, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Merwin & Hulbert, or anything in between and are not sure of period correct gun leather, we can help. Dont forget to look at our line of Rifle Scabbards and Bowie Knives. They are great looking and the price is right. If you do not see something you like, just call and we can design anything that would suit your fancy.

Chisholm’s Trail: for Your Cowboy Outfitter Needs, Custom Leather Holsters, Vintage Belt Buckles, Custom Belts, Money Belts, Cartridge Belts and Other Cowboy Equipment

The web site may look the same to you, but we are in the process of adding many new items. So get a cup of coffee, kick off your boots, and take a few minutes to look through the site.

It you have not picked up the most recent copy of GUNS OF THE OLD WEST magazine, you may want to get one next time you ride into town. The premier article for the summer issue is 3:10 to YUMA and, yep, that is our old west leather on the cover. If you miss this one, be sure and get the fall issue. It will be all about the 20th anniversary of LONESOME DOVE and, yep, that will be Chisholms Trail Old West Leather on the cover again. If you have an interest to purchase the actual leather on the cover, we get it back after the magazine is finished with it and all the leather goes up for sale. Better put your order in for these pieces ASAP as they go fast. WOW owning something that was on the magazine cover.

So, to all our customers who turn into friends thanks for taking the time to read this first BLOG. (Where DID they get that handle from.) Give us a call if we can help with your cowboy leather in the meantime keep your eyes on the trail ahead, watch out for the sidewinders, and side step that cow paddy you are coming up on.

Alan and Donna
July – 2009

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