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By Alan Soellner

When you search the internet for survival or tactical knife sheaths you see some pretty crazy things. First, most of the designs look pretty blocky and visually unappealing. Second, many are way over engineered and over built. They have tons of snaps, straps, elastic strings, grommets, screw rivets, and other attachments. Some have double or even triple edge stitching that is not needed. These tactical sheaths are also needlessly heavy.

What the real world needs is the lightest most durable tactical knife sheath possible with a secure way to retain the knife and several ways to affix this sheath to a belt, back pack, or other Molle strap attachment.

We feel that the A.S.L. (Air, Sea, & Land) ASSAULT© Tactical / Survival / Bush craft knife sheath is the best one available anywhere today.  For any military or law enforcement applications a sheath must have two, and better three securing points for the knife. You do not want a rappelling rope or parachute cord to work its way behind the handle and the sheath. This could cause catastrophic problems.

The ASSAULT© sheath has a knife guard strap that secures with a black mil spec “lift the dot” fastener that opens only one way. This strap is over the non-sharp side of the blade. Why most manufacturers put this strap on the sharp side allowing it to be cut by the blade we do not understand.

The second securing strap goes around the handle with mil spec black “press the dot” fasteners. The third securing point could be a length of para cord through the top grommets and then through the hole on the handle glass breaker. We doubt that any rough use could unseat these three blade securing locations.

Depending on where and how you secure the sheath, the blade can be inserted in the sheath to the right or to the left making it very versatile. Both the top of the sheath and the bottom of the sheath have double mil spec black grommets for para cord use.

The reverse side of the sheath has a multiple Molle strap set up that will allow the use of either a 1 ¾” Rigger belt or the larger military web belt. The double strap allows the sheath to straddle a belt loop or fit over two Molle sewn attachments on a back pack, shoulder strap, or other surface. The bottom of the sheath also has a single Molle strap. All of the above straps are secured by black mil spec “press the dot” snaps. If you have not heard of “press the dot” or “lift the dot” snaps they are made specifically to open one way only and will stand up to military or law enforcement use very well.

Attachments are available to also carry an American made rod sharpener and a fire stick.

Finally these ASSAULT Tactical / Survival /  Bush craft knife sheaths are available in six different colors from light saddle tan to stealth black. Visit or and look under the knife button for more information.

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