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Many folks have asked me about western holsters and western belts for “Replica Guns,” and that requires a dual answer. Replica Guns can be the kind that actually shoot, made by companies such as Colt, Uberti, Beretta, Cimarron, Taylor’s, EMF, United States Firearms (USFA), Smith & Wesson, Ruger Vaquero, Pietta, and many others. The second kind of Replica gun would be the non firing kind that can look so identical that a knowledgeable person might need to examine one to tell the difference.

Western Leather Holsters & Replica Guns

Size matters. The non firing gun replicas almost always are larger and will not fit a western holster sized to a Colt. These non firing gun replicas are not built for hard use, they are basically for display.  We have a great variety of these for sale including  a nickel Schofield and a nickel Colt that are next to real. Kids should never play with these replica guns with out adult supervision.

Our Western Holsters and Western Belts for both styles of guns can range from the basic cowhand to the fancy gambler with lots of conchos and sparkling cowboy buckles. Speaking of conchos and buckles you might have noticed that all of the hardware suppliers to the leather trade have begun to discontinue many styles. As a result we have now started to reproduce quite a few historical and movie conchos and buckles. Many more are in the production stage. All are in stock. Most are hand cast in solid brass for a gold tone or solid white bronze for a silver tone. Nickel plated coming soon!!! They do NOT come from a foreign country, and are marked Chisholm’s Trail made in USA. This keeps small businesses here and not in some far away location draining money and jobs from America. Patronize businesses in the USA!!!

Several new items are on the Historical and Movie button. At the bottom we have added the Tom Selleck  ”Saber River” rig and the Sam Elliot  ”Oregon Trail.” We are working on several trilogies including Monte Walsh and Crossfire Trail to go with the Selleck Collection. The Elliot Collection will also have Conagher and Desperate Trail rigs.

We also make Custom Leather Belts, Custom leather holsters and custom knife sheaths

Let us know what you want us to make? We do not have a shopping cart. We do things the old fashioned way by making friends and shaking hands. Call us anytime reasonable Atlanta time and let’s work our your order.

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