GERONIMO & TOM HORN’S GUNLEATHER, Western Leather Holsters and Belts

September was a very busy month and we did not have any time for a post.  So we will try to do better this month. Coming in the next issue of Guns of the Old West will be our reproduction of “GERONIMO’S GUN LEATHER.” This will be the result of about three years research and our actual trip to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma to view this historical western holster and Western gun belt.  We will also be offering the Geronimo conchos in sterling silver. Also a limited production of the pendant at the bottom of the holster that Geronimo used to ward off evil and bring him luck.

The western holster, belt and knife sheath will have over 20 conchos and three hundred and eleven spots along the edges. The complete holster, belt, knife and sheath. Because of the changing costs of hand casting solid sterling silver the current price is $2,000 + depending on the current cost of silver. The final price is P.O. R. call for daily cost.

Geronimo's Gun Leather

Geronimo’s Gun Leather Tom Horn ~ Rough Rider

Next will be “TOM HORN.”  We all remember the great movie of the same name with Steve McQueen playing Tom.
All cowboy shooters and collectors have coveted his big frame 1876 Winchester 45.60 magnum rifle. In the movie it did not show Horn carrying a cartridge belt and holster, but in reality he used a 5 1/2″ blue Colt Single Action in .38 special. His cartridge belt was a folded money belt style with bullet loops from end to end. He wore a unique Slim Jim holster with minimum decoration. We will reproduce Old West authentic leather holster for the next issue.  It will sell for $274.95
TOM HORN ~ Rough Rider

TOM HORN ~ Rough Rider

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