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Chisholm’s Trail Leather is a cowboy outfitter, Western holster maker and cowboy gear maker.  Please review the rest of this website and let us know if we can help you with anything.

We have some links to some of our friends below:

Good Prices and Quality for Cowboy Guns and Gunsmithing click here Gunsmithing

For the finest action jobs on cowboy guns or the best prices for new and used guns contact: BRYAN BUCK, owner of 3 B Shooting Supply in Kaufman, Texas at (214) 801- 4476.

We suggest you contact PATRICK GRASHORN for all your genuine stag handles for your single action pistols. Contact Pat at (970) 330-7278.

If you want any modern gun fit to a concealed or open carry holster contat JOHN O’ROURKE GUNLEATHER at (256) 751-3387.

To convert any percussion black powder pistol contact my friend Walt Kirst at

If you are looking for a Mountain Home Architect, please visit the website of Rand Soellner, Architect.  Rand is one of the foremost Mountain Home Architects in the world. You can learn more at or by contacting him directly at 828-743-6010.

Cashiers homes for sale :

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