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New projects coming for 2017: Western Avenger modern holster for Single Actions, Emmett, Bob, & Grat Dalton, Jim and Bob Younger. “James-Younger Gang members, ” Joel Collins “Black Hills Outlaw,” Billy the Kid “The Outlaw Years,” Tom Horn “Pinkerton Man,” Wild Bill Hickok “Fancy Gear,” Henry Starr “Cherokee Badman,” Judge Roy Bean “Law West of the Pecos,” Bass Reeves “From a Slave to a Lawman,” and more.

NOTE: We enjoy personal input and historical discussions. For this reason we do not use a shopping cart concept. Call anytime between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM East coast time. The phone will not be answered before or after this time- Thank you (NOTE: We do not receive or respond to text messages or photos)

So many customers have shared the following quote with us that we thought we would print it here for you to see. Buy once and buy the best- Chisholm’s Trail. “THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY REMAINS LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF LOW PRICE & QUICK DELIVERY IS FORGOTTEN.”

SPECIAL NOTE: The posts listed on the right column of the home page may reflect previous item costs and are not current. For current prices check the actual button the item you would like is found under.

MORE NEW AT CHISHOLM’S TRAIL: Many folks have asked us to make replicas of their favorite Archaeology Hero (ArchHERO) holsters and gear so we have reverse engineered several original WW1 Webley & S&W 1917 holster examples. Sorry we do not make any whips, fedoras, adventure shirts, golden idols, or Alden expedition shoes. Just leather gear. We do have the famous tan or brown American web pant belts with USA made, solid brass buckles In stock and ready to ship. Go to our “MOVIE” button, scroll rapidly to the bottom and start back up and you will quickly find our ACHAEOLOGY HERO expedition gear.

Here at Chisholm’s Trail, we have visited most of the significant museums and private collections in our quest to bring accurate, authentic, historical gun leather to light that we are starting a new endeavor called “HISTORICAL GUN LEATHER ARCHAEOLOGY. ” This will involve all of the tasks and research details we have learned in the past fifteen years. We will continue evolving this discipline as we bring to light more outlaw and lawman leather that would have been lost to posterity if this had not done this. You would be surprised at how many museums are closing and selling these items. Once they are in private collections it is almost impossible to ever see or examine them ever again. If you know of a historical holster rig that we do not have please contact us . GUN LEATHER ARCHAEOLOGY BUSINESS CARD LOW RES




Chisholm’s Trail introduced the new (Air, Sea, & Land) ASL-5 SCOUT Tactical / Survival knife at last year’s Atlanta Blade Show. At this year’s Blade Show we introduced our new ASL-4 FIRST RESPONDER. These blades have gained so much interest that the FMG Publications staff touring the show interviewed Alan Soellner about this line of superior blades. Click on the arrow above to watch the video. More about these knives and pricing on our knife button.


Chisholm’s Trail Old West Leather is official and trademark has been applied for. Our designs and accessories are copyrighted and can not be replicated in any way, shape, or fashion.

RIDE FOR THE BRAND – That was a phrase used in the old west. It means that you’ve got loyalty, pride in yourself, your job, and the land. So saddle-up, toughen-up, cowboy-up and buy Chisholm’s Trail gun leather. We do NOT have a shopping cart. We feel that is rude and we prefer to spend time talking to you and tailoring Old West cowboy leather to your specific needs. Please look below for your color choices. Most of your questions will be answered by reading this home page.

TEXAS RANGER ENGRAVING ~ We have partnered with a world class engraver that will engrave your Colt 1911 or other gun with old style, western, and L.D. Nimschke type gun engraving. He had done several former and current Texas Ranger guns. When you buy a holster from us we will put you in contact with the engraver who will give you a significant discount. Photos pending. <dallasengraver.com> Be sure to tell KEN we referred you…

Here at Chisholm’s Trail we produce all our Old West gun belts and cowboy gear from original historic pieces or period patterns from vintage sources. Many items we make are similar to examples found in the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, The Gene Autry and Buffalo Bill Cody Museums. Others are from the pages of the book “Packing Iron”, “Tombstone – The Guns and Gear”, and similar great collections of the American Cowboy, featuring Old West gun belts. ***We have not raised our prices in many years. However, because of the constantly increasing costs of leather, oil base stain, saddle finish, hardware, shipping, handling and other factors we are having to raise our prices by $10 per item. We are very sorry and held the line for many years but are just forced to make this change. If you are in a hurry this might not be the place for you. We take great care with each item and the name does not go on till the quality goes in. Donna and I thank you for your patronage. All exotic hides and skins we use are obtained legally and we are assured the proceeds go for game management and improvement in wildlife habitat. Note: we only use free range American cattle hides, therefore you will occasionally find an insect bite mark or a barb wire scar. This is unavoidable and adds to the authenticity of the piece.

Just one of the many magazine covers & books featuring our gun leather, old west gun belts and other cowboy gear

Chisholm’s Trail Old West Leather can directly trace its roots to Jesse Chisholm who blazed the first famous cattle trail North out of Texas. Alan Soellner, who is a descendant of Jesse, has visited many of the old leather & saddle shops in the West and has learned “Sheridan Carving” from K.C. Krueger and some of the other current masters. He learned leather working skills from John O’Rourke of Hartsell, Alabama who is one of the best leather crafters extant. This is why his craftsmanship on his Old West gun belts is rare and of high quality. Volumes of valuable advice have also been graciously shared by Will Ghormley, one authentic craftsman. Alan has been personally trained by the world famous John Bianchi, Holster Maker to most western movie stars from John Wayne to the present day. Donna grew up in Peabody, Mass., the town called Tannery City. Her father made his living by tanning leather and her mother colored leather for the Lawrence Leather Company. The magazine cover cowboy single action holster to the left is our Buffalo Bill set. The 45 auto holster is made by John Bianchi of FrontierGunleather.com. Chisholm’s Trail holsters and belts are also often featured on the cover of this magazine.

For the finest in cowboy history, guns and gear be sure to immediately order your subscription to “GUNS OF THE OLD WEST” magazine. You get a discount by ordering on line. They are really great folks.





***NEW*** Don’t forget to view the “BUCKLE” button for our continually growing line of historical and western movie buckles.

ORDERING IS SIMPLE AND EASY for Old West gun belts and other cowboy gear :

We do not believe in the “shopping cart” concept. We prefer to talk to our customers in person and provide input. However, we can complete some orders over the internet if you wish. Please feel free to contact us anytime reasonable East coast time. Call (678) 423-7351. Or send us an e-mail and we will call you. Basic rigs are unlined and the gun belts can have up to 18 cartridge loops (additional loops are $1 each) and an edge groove. To add one line of edge stamping =$10. For double line stamping add =$20. Finally for full coverage stamping such as basket weave or tri-lobe holster =$50, or Belt =$55. For lining add $40 per item.  Shipping is a standard $20 which includes signature for the package unless you notify us. NOTE: If you are wanting several items please try to order them at the same time. We are then able to cut them out of a single cow hide. If you order at different times or we have to use different thicknesses or leather in your order it is possible there will be a slight difference in color within the same shade. When you order, note that this is the character of the leather and as such not something we can control or guarantee.

Oil Base Stain Color Choices

We produce all of our items in natural vegetable tanned, Wickett & Craig fine tooling leather.  For oil base color stain in Saddle Tan, Cowboy Brown, Old Walnut, Chocolate, Gunfighter Black, or Havana Mahogany add $10.00. Please note! that variations in color and darkness will occur from one cowhide to another. We can not guarantee the exact shade. The final process will be hand rubbed saddle finish. Let us know if you want leg ties or hammer thongs added. Shipping and handling will be $15.00 – $20.00 for  depending on the box size and destination. There will be additional charge if special shipping or large boxes are required. Rifle scabbards add $30 shipping.



After several requests we are adding “Havana Mahogany.” This is a deep, rich, dark reddish color that adds class to your holsters- especially the modern ones. Top is one coat and the bottom is two coats.








Note: we make gear based on the stock firearm and accessories. If you have modifications such an accessory rail on your firearm, an extended clip or a bumper pad at the bottom of your magazine then it is your responsibility to let us know because the clip pouch or holster may not fit. Please enjoy looking over the photos on this site. Notice the various types of edge stamping, holster and Old West gun belts and designs so you have an idea if what you might want when you call. You may “click” on any photo to view an enlarged photo. Our special focus is on clean neat even stitching and smooth finished edges. You can call and leave a message any time, but we are available most evenings. Saturday we will be in the shop working on your holster and gun belt. We believe in the personal touch and will enjoy discussing any new project or design with you. If we have not made it before we will make it anyway. I’ve lost count, but I know we have over 500 different patterns for our leather gear we make and are adding new ones each week. I hope you will enjoy owning one of these contemporary originals as much as we do making them. If your order is other than what we have in stock, then it will be a special order. Please allow at least 6 months for assembly and delivery of most orders. ***NOTE ALL PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE***

Museum Display ~ Chisholm’s Trail has been asked to provide authentic cowboy gun leather for display at the following museums: The Billy the Kid Museum in Ft. Sumner, N.M., The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA., and the Texas Ranger Museum in San Antonio, and the new Texas Ranger Museum in Fredricksburg, TX. When possible Chisholm’s Trail obtains original examples of period gun leather and will often display them with reproductions to enjoy.

To understand how a cowboy holster should be made please take the time to view the video below!

Chisholm’s Trail Leather from SMD Productions on Vimeo .

Old West Gun Holsters - Frontier Holsters and Gunleather by Chisholms Trail Leather of Georgia
“Upon Request” Gun Leather sets will come with a “Certificate of Authenticity” for only $10.00
Old West gun belts and holsters, western custom leather belts and other cowboy gear is what Chisholm’s Trail Leather is famous for, partner. Give us a call to order yours now. We enjoy what we do and look forward to making yours. Ride for the Brand.

NOTE: Indian replicas not made by Native Americans as defined by 2.5 USC & 305 ET SEQ.

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