Authentic Old West Holsters

Authentic Old West Holsters by Chisholm’s Trail Leather.

Scroll down till you see the two photos. Click on the HISTORICAL HOLSTERS words below to see our line of authentic old west holsters and gun leather OR click on the WESTERN MOVIE HOLSTERS words to see our line of movie holsters and gun leather.

Now you can have authentic old West holsters, just like your Western heroes, partner. Chisholm’s Trail Leather makes authentic Old West holsters just for you. Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, Ike Clanton, Johnny Ringo, Doc Holliday, we got’em all and more. Authentic Old West holsters at Chisholm’s Trail Leather. Check out both pages below:

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1. All Cartridge belts standard with up to 18 loops in your caliber. Additional loops at $1 per loop.

2. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 per item.

2. See home page for color choices on photo with cowboy boots.

3. For lining now add $35 per piece.                                         

Als Hickok Gun Belt

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Wyatt Earp

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